The Blackwater Warriors Quote Sheet


This is a partial transcription, organised by campaign. The styling and referencing needs to be standardised.

Chatter Around the Table

“All I did was say Hastur twice...   Shit!”— Tosh

Unknown Origin

“I haven’t seen you touching it, I thought you’d forgotten” – Lester, D&D?
“You were possessed by a demon, and it led you Folk music with all it’s Real Ale, fast accordion players, and loose trousers” – David ref. Daz’s priest in chaosium’s changeling thingy.
“I am Liver for we are many” – something to do with Jusnoctic
“Moths are the skinheads of the insect world”
“We’re requisitioning your moustache” – David ref. Colonel’s offer of equipment


“I’m winning by incompetence!” – David
“You can’t do that, that’s the most blue things I’ve had all game!” - David

Alorna the Vampire Slacker

“He wants Ritalin” referring to Loki - David
Sex your Possum – The Musical - David
It’s a recent Possum – Lester
“I’m sorry I didn’t recognise the universal sign language for ‘I’m carrying a possum’” – Daz
“Chickens are the new black” – on Cess researching Pigs as pets
“I was Denied Wood! You wouldn’t even let me whittle” – Alorna
“You kicked Odin in the Midguards?!” – Caedes
“You can talk to me about it, after I’ve told you my problems” – Alorna
NPC pilot “We’re here to take you back for General Court Marshal” “so that’s what his name was”

Dazmondals & Dungeons

“If your looking for what I think your looking for, I know where you can get it” – Mindibar a.k.a. Tosh
“They used ‘I can’t believe it’s not Augury’” – Jonathan referring to Daz being to only one able to open ancient vault.
“With Manacles, Loin cloth, and something, doing something, somewhere” – David, title for Jonathan’s memoirs.
Character Reactions to fountains, Erica “Oooh Pretty”, Haskur “oohh is it this?”, Jonathan “ooohh.. I need a pee”.
“And you are such a tower of solidarity”, “Well they are holding the roof up” – Ref. Arguing statues.

In the not too distant future this page will be a complete transcript of noteworthy, or particularly amusing utterances. At the present moment however it will simply be an archive of the sheets themselves, scanned.

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