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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

The Little Rock of Horros - Complete Episode. Brilliant, catchy tune.
House of Pain - Complete Episode
Dumb Dumbs and Dragons - Complete Episode. Not the best.
Conan the Barbarian ending spoof -
Be-a-Fred,Be-very-a-Fred - Complete Episode
Fiend is like friend without the "R" - Complete Episode
Mandy the Merciless - Complete Episode
Sickly Sweet - Complete Episode
Billy's Inner Frat Boy - Clip
A Grim Prophacy - Short Episode


British Pathé - The Pathé news archive, searchable, downloadable movieclips and still frames. Pay site cost lots, may be free from APU.
Stock.Xchng - Free stock photo comunity website, FREE, need to register and confirm through e-mail, quality varies, usualy high.
Devian Art - A lot of clever people here, and a lot of stock images too.
MY Deviant Art Account - This is my online gallery at deviant art.